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Florida may be best-known for its beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring attractions. However, it is important to note that the Sunshine State also boasts many deluxe malls that make it easy to shop 'til you drop for high-quality clothing, jewelry and much more.

If you decide to purchase a luxury home in Florida, you should have no trouble finding a first-rate mall close to home.

In fact, some of the top malls located near luxury homes in Florida include:

1. Aventura Mall

The premier shopping center for Miami and Fort Lauderdale luxury homeowners, the Aventura Mall is a glamorous shopping venue that boasts more than 275 stores.

Located in the Miami suburb of Aventura, the Aventura Mall features shops that guests of all ages are sure to enjoy.

For example, if you're looking for the latest and greatest electronics, you're sure to find exactly what you want at the Aventura Mall. Or, if you want to discover the top fashions from leading brands like Cole Haan, Hugo Boss and many others, the Aventura Mall is a must-visit.

Let's not forget about the world-class dining venues available at the Aventura Mall, either. From gourmet sushi restaurants to dining venues that serve traditional American pub fare, you can enjoy outstanding cuisine any time you visit the Aventura Mall.

2. The Florida Mall

A shopping center that is located just minutes from Disney World and the Orlando International Airport, The Florida Mall delivers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

The Florida Mall is based out of Orlando at the southeast corner of Orange Blossom Trail and Sand Lake Road. It opened its doors in 1986, and since that time, has become a popular shopping venue for many South Florida luxury homeowners.

With more than 215 stores at your disposal, The Florida Mall offers plenty of hot spots to find footwear, toys and other top-of-the-line items. Plus, The Florida Mall boasts a variety of exclusive restaurants and shops to help provide fun, exciting shopping experiences to Sunshine State residents and visitors alike.

3. Sawgrass Mills

Conveniently located in Sunrise, Sawgrass Mills is the largest value and outlet shopping venue in the United States.

Sawgrass Mills is home to more than 350 stores that sell everything from beauty products to sports equipment.

Of course, no discussion of Sawgrass Mills would be complete without mentioning the mall's exclusive fashion outlets.

The Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills feature 70 fashion outlets that are unlike any other in the Sunshine State. Therefore, if you visit these outlets, you're sure to discover a massive assortment of premium fashions to help you take your wardrobe from drab to fab.

Lastly, if you're interested in purchasing a luxury home located near any of the aforementioned Florida malls, you should consider working with a real estate agent.

With a real estate agent at your side, you can learn about the shopping centers located near luxury homes in various Florida cities and towns. Then, you can map out your luxury home shopping journey accordingly.

Take a look at some of the luxury houses located near any of the aforementioned Florida malls. That way, you can purchase a superb luxury home that guarantees you won't have to travel too far to shop to your heart's delight.

Florida is a wonderful place to call home, and for good reason. The Sunshine State boasts beautiful beaches in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other cities and towns. Plus, Florida features Disney World, Sea World and other fun, exciting attractions that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Of course, let's not forget about the vast array of luxury homes across Florida, either.

There is widespread interest in Sunshine State luxury residences year after year. As such, there are many reasons to consider listing your Florida luxury home today, and these include:

1. You may be able to earn a substantial profit on your house.

Regardless of whether you own a luxury home just outside Tampa or in the middle of South Beach, you're sure to find plenty of interested homebuyers as soon as your residence hits the real estate market. Thus, you may find that you can turn a significant profit on your Florida luxury house.

If you decide to list your Florida luxury home, it is important to plan accordingly. And with a real estate agent at your disposal, you can boost the likelihood of maximizing the profit on your luxury house.

A real estate agent understands the ins and outs of the Florida luxury housing market and will help you map out a fast, seamless home selling journey.

For example, a real estate agent will know how to promote a Hialeah luxury house to the right homebuyers, at the right time, every time. Or, if you are uncertain about how to price your luxury home that is located near one of Miami's premiere beaches, a real estate agent can help you set a competitive price for your residence based on the current housing market's conditions.

2. You can move to a bigger or smaller Florida residence.

In some instances, a luxury home in Florida may prove to be too big. And in these cases, it may be worthwhile to sell a luxury house, optimize your profit and downsize to a smaller residence.

There is no shortage of high-quality residences available throughout Florida. In fact, these houses come in many styles, sizes and designs, which means you can find a top-notch Florida residence in no time at all.

Meanwhile, if you've grown tired of your luxury home and are ready for an upgrade, now may prove to be a great time to list your current luxury residence. By doing so, you can sell your luxury home and move into a bigger and better luxury house in Port St. Lucie, St. Augustine or elsewhere.

3. You can explore new opportunities.

Need a change from your current living situation? Sell your Florida luxury home, and you can pursue new personal and professional opportunities across the Sunshine State and beyond.

For instance, if you want to live close to family in Daytona Beach, you may want to sell your current luxury home that's located several hours away. On the other hand, if you've always wanted to live close to Kennedy Space Center, you can sell your luxury home and move to Cape Canaveral.

Clearly, there are many wonderful reasons to list a luxury home in Florida. Consider the aforementioned reasons closely, and you can make an informed decision about whether to add your luxury residence to the Sunshine State housing market.

For many Florida residents, nothing beats a trip to the spa. If you purchase a luxury house in the Sunshine State, you should have no trouble finding a terrific spa near your residence.

There are many top-rated spas located near Florida luxury houses, and these spas include:

1. The Spa at The Breakers

Need serenity now? Schedule a visit to the spa at The Breakers of Palm Beach, and you can enjoy an unparalleled spa experience.

The spa at The Breakers is an exquisite outdoor spa unlike any other in Florida. It boasts holistic skincare treatments, tailored massages and other world-class treatments. That way, anyone who visits this spa can relax in a serene setting.

Of course, you won't have to go too far to find a luxury home near the spa at The Breakers. Dozens of first-rate luxury houses are available across the Palm Beach area, ensuring that you can discover a great residence just minutes from this one-of-a-kind spa.

2. Eau Spa

At Eau Spa in Manalapan, high touch meets high-tech. This spa offers exceptional relaxation treatments, all of which are designed to help visitors minimize stress.

If you want your skin to achieve a luminous glow, Eau Spa is a must-visit. This spa features a distinct scrub and polish bar that can help you transform your appearance in no time at all.

Let's not forget about the wide range of Eau Spa treatments, either. Eau Spa offers body treatments, massages and much more, guaranteeing that both men and women are sure to find something to enjoy.

Eau Spa is located near many luxury houses. If you kick off your search for a Florida luxury house today, you can move one step closer to buying a luxury home near Eau Spa.

3. Safety Harbor Resort and Spa

Founded in 1925, Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is a top choice for those who reside on Florida's west coast. It includes a 50,000-square-foot spa designed to help guests rejuvenate and revitalize the body and mind.

If you're on the lookout for a deluxe spa experience, it pays to check out Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. Plus, if you intend to purchase a luxury home in Florida, you may want to explore the residences available near this spa.

Relaxing at the spa is essential for many Florida residents. Thanks to the aforementioned spas, you can enjoy a stellar spa experience any time you choose.

Lastly, if you want to find a luxury home near any of the aforementioned spas, you should collaborate with a real estate agent. By doing so, a luxury homebuyer can speed up the process of acquiring a superior residence.

A real estate agent will learn about a luxury homebuyer's goals and offer expert recommendations. In addition, a real estate agent can keep you informed about Florida luxury houses as they become available, ensuring that you can discover the ideal Sunshine State luxury residence without delay.

Hire a real estate agent today, and you can evaluate many luxury houses near Florida's top spas.

Last year, Florida was home to 16 of the United States’ 100 fastest growing counties. Since it’s already the 4th largest state by population, it’s no easy feat to maintain that kind of growth. However, with year-round sunshine and warm weather, over 3,000 miles of coastline, and endless attractions, it’s hard to compete with the state of Florida.

But, is it a good time to invest in a real estate property in Florida? The short answer is yes. But, we’ll go into the details a bit further to talk about the economy, the value of rentals and vacation homes, and some of the most in-demand places in the Sunshine State.

Read on to find out why it’s the perfect time to buy a residential property in Florida.

A growing, diverse economy

It’s no mystery that Florida’s strength lies in the massive tourism industry. However, the state is also attracting out-of-state and international students with top colleges (who wouldn’t want to get their degree in a paradise?).

Plus, Florida has an unemployment rate that sits lower than the national average and job growth across industries remains strong over the last decade. This demand has made the housing market in Florida a competitive one. However, there is still a lot of opportunity in the suburbs where professionals in sectors like trade, the sciences, and financial services are happily commuting into the cities from for work.

Rental properties are more valuable than ever

With the cost of owning a home slowly rising each year, many students and young professionals are choosing to rent in Florida while they establish their careers and save for a down payment, wary of taking on huge home loans.

This, coupled with the ever-appealing prospect of renting a vacation house in Florida has been made easier thanks to sites like Airbnb.

Profits can quickly be made and reinvested in the rental property market in Florida, making it a big money maker. And, with a well-established and competitive property management industry, it’s easier than ever to maintain your properties, keeping your tenants (and your wallet) happy.

What are the key regions for real estate investment in Florida

To discover the most valuable places to invest in Florida, you need only follow the crowds of happy tourists. Huge attractions like Disney draw professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry and make Orlando the top place in invest in real estate. However, it’s also the most competitive for this reason.

If you’re seeking a less-saturated market with just as much opportunity, areas like Jacksonville and Cape Coral see consistent job growth and housing demand, in spite of serving tenants of different income levels.

With property owners reporting incomes of well over $1,000 per month, the Jacksonville and Cape Coral areas are likely to continue to grow and see positive returns for years to come.

When you buy a home in Florida, you may wonder what the protections are for homeowners in the state. This exemption is incredibly valuable. A homestead protects your property from being used in a judgment by creditors. A creditor can force the sale of your home to satisfy a judgement made against you unless you have this protection in place. Florida courts have expanded the definition of what is classified as a homestead to include properties not limited to single family homes. Condos, manufactured homes, and mobile homes also are under the umbrella of the homestead protection law. 

What Qualifies For A Homestead?

Principal place of residence

From 1/2 an acre to 180 acres

What does not qualify as a homestead?

Second homes

Irrevocable trust properties

Investment properties



Homes on a leased lot

*Living trust and land trust properties can be qualified as homestead properties.

The homestead protection tool is powerful as an asset protection tool for you, which is why you should understand the protections it carries. The full value of your property investment will be protected. 

A person may even transfer unprotected assets to their homestead through buying a new home or reducing the principal balance of the home. The money should not be transferred fraudulently, however. A creditor can foreclose on a homestead property if they can prove that the money was obtained fraudulently by the debtor and the money was reinvested in the property in order to hide the funds.     

When Does Protection Begin?

Protection for a homestead property begins the day that the property is first occupied to make the home your permanent Florida residence. There is no waiting period for the protection to begin. There also are no papers to file or no forms to fill out to gain this protection. The only thing you must know is if your property will qualify for the Florida homestead act.

For example, while modular homes and trailers are covered under the act, they are not covered if they are placed on leased land. You must own the land for the protection to be active for you.

If one owner of a property does not reside in Florida, your protections may be in jeopardy. Both owners of a property must be permanent Florida residents for the homestead act to remain active and valid. 

Civil judgments that were filed against you before you occupy the Florida property also do not apply for you to be protected in the event of a civil suit.         

The Homestead Exemption Act in Florida is a great financial protection that is available to most Florida home buyers. It’s good to be aware of these securities in the event that you do face a civil suit in the future. It’s a relief to know that your property is safe.